A bachelors degree from an online school is becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. The need for a bachelor's degree has opened up whole new career paths for those with good communication and technology skills. According to Doug Webber, the Director of Graduate Studies in the Economics Department at Temple University, college graduates are 117 times more likely to earn over $4 Million over their lifetime and will earn around $1 Million more than their high school peers. Currently, the average salary for those with a high school diploma as their highest education is $35,256 per year while those with a Bachelor's degree earn an average of $59,124 per year. Meanwhile, the median salary for a professional degree is a whopping $89,960 according to SmartAsset. Although there are many ways to become qualified as a business major, enrolling in a reputable online bachelors program can help people network and learn trend-setting skills needed to land the best jobs in the field. Read on to learn more today about some of the nation's best programs for students looking for a bachelor's degree.